Hedrick Logistics

Specialists Incorporated

A Company Committed to

Service with Integrity.


What We Do

    Hedrick Logistics Specialists, Inc. (HLSI) is one of America‘s fastest growing third party logistic companies. HLSI partners with truck, rail, ocean, and air carriers to bring the best service to our customers with one single call.

Transportation Management

    HLSI has in house transportation management expertise for all modes of transportation: truck load, inter-modal, LTL Shipments, Air, ocean, local job site unload service and warehousing opportunity, because every customer has unique needs. HLSI analyzes your information to provide you with optimal pick-up and delivery structure. Additional services that are offered include back-haul, continuous moves, and round trips. We explore different opportunities to maximize the total logistic cost savings to our customers.

Supply Chain Management

    At HLSI, we are logistics practitioners. We develop comprehensive project plans for your organization, and remain with your team from initialization through implementation. We analyze existing processes, carrier utilization, and existing cost structures to formulate a customized solution for your unique needs.

Our Associates

    We hire people with high creativity, flexibility and customer service skills. Our associates are experts in many industries. They have the technology and expertise to solve any logistic challenges, moving products from origin to destination, anywhere in the world.

Our Carriers

    We manage relationships with our carriers so our customers do not have to. Utilizing an established relationship with over six hundred carriers, our associates deliver the most efficient mode while meeting the highest customer service needs.


    HLSI offers shippers a wide range of customized global transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions. Our relationships with trucks, rail, ocean, and air carriers mean more equipment options and greater flexibility to bring freight to the market. Our non-asset-based approach allows us to change with the market conditions. That means our logistics managers are free to evaluate your requirements, including service and cost expectation, then suggest the best multi-modal options to help you achieve your objectives.