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Company History

In November of 1987 the majority of trucking agencies were attached to carriers. Independent truck drivers working for these agencies would either have their own customer base to back haul or use one of the larger carriers to get ensure that after completing one delivery, they had another delivery to get them back to their location of origin. This was a very cumbersome process for independent trucking companies, thus in 1998, under the expert leadership of Mel Hedrick, Hedrick and Associates (HA) was founded in Centreville, Virginia with the core concept of connecting the several small companies with brokerage authority to the independent carriers in order to provide better service to customers by providing the logistics backbone to the trucking industry.

HSLI quickly grew, established itself as a valuable member of the trucking community, expanded it‘s customer base and in 1988 moved to Winchester, Virginia in order to promote growth and address the growing warehousing needs of it‘s customers.

In January 1997, as HA continued to grow, so grew the need to add skilled employees, capable of meeting the growing needs of our customers, to the HA Team. One of the main focuses that our customers gave us was the need for even more warehousing support, so in June of 1999, the HA Team relocated to Marshville, North Carolina and opened a warehouse with the primary purpose of supporting our customers need for storing imported ceramic tile manufactured in Europe. This would prove to solve an even larger issue to our customers, a centrally located warehouse were material of our customer‘s jobsites could be gathered in advance of their various projects and sent to the jobsite at the right time. This insured that our customers got the right material, at the right time, and in the right place, preventing gaps in progress on the work sites.

As the need for the type of service and support Hedrick and Associates become renowned for, in January 2000, HA incorporated forming Hedrick Logistics Specialists, Inc. (HLSI) and in February 2002 moved it‘s final time to Monroe, North Carolina into a location with larger warehousing capacity in order to meet the growing needs of our customers. As our customer‘s need continued to grow, so grew the HSLI team. In February 2006, the HSLI Team had out grown the capability of the original small brokerage authorities obtained its Brokerage Authority, thus uniting our customer base and providing the new capability to all our customers.

In March 2007, the HSLI warehousing capabilities expanded even further. The HSLI team listened to our customer‘s needs and purchased a 27-foot straight truck with forklift to support increased business base in the Southeast. This would enable HSLI to not only deliver our customer‘s products to the work sites, but also place the customers products in critical areas around their work sites thus enhancing work site efficiency.

The HSLI Team prides itself in its service and support to our customers and will continually seek out new ways to provide that service and support. We are a company dedicated to your service.